On Monday 21 July 2003 10:37 am, Martin Kinda wrote:
> i have an issue and i realize this is not the exact newsgroup for it
> but hopefully someone will have the answer
Try reposting in comp.os.linux.portable and comp.os.linux.misc
> a friend and i have organised to purchase two new notebooks. you
> cannot purchase notebooks anywhere in australia without them coming
> pre-loaded
> with m$. i've done a good deal with another friend so no linux
> bundled.
> my question can one request that the machine not be loaded with
> windows before pruchasing. ie fdisk the system and remove m$ key
> sticker.
> thus i could get a refund, possibly to the value of an extra 512mb
> RAM :)
Have you tried purchasing mail order from out of country, either
direct from the manufacturer or through a dealer? I know some
manufacturers sell their notebooks with Linux already installed or no
OS installed at all. Dell is one that does this. Contact the
manufacturer of the notebook you're interested in and see what their
policy is.

Stefan Patric