I use a table for my navigation links, one cell per link.
I set page properties-link to Never Underline, and change the color for
Rollover. Then published the page. I copied the cells from one page to the

The first page [url]http://www.essentialtheatre.com[/url] does not change color with the
The second page [url]http://www.essentialtheatre.com/festival.htm[/url] changes color
with rollover but shows the underline when the page is viewed with Firefox, but
not with IE7.
The third page [url]http://www.essentialtheatre.com/competition.htm[/url] works as I have
set page properties with both browsers.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I can get most everything looking as I like
except this navigation bar. I do not have access to edit CSS from C4 or don't
know how to do that. Please help.