Caching Technologies Webcast October 1
Speaker: Dr. C. Mohan, IBM Almaden Research Center
Date: October 1, 2003
Time: 11-12:30 ET, 4-5:30 GMT
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The emergence of the Web has transformed the execution environment of
transactional, server-side applications. Three- and four-tier
application environments involving browser-based clients and
Web/application/database servers are the norm these days. The
generation and distribution of dynamic Web pages has also increased
dramatically. Attaining good end-to-end performance under these
cirstances requires the use of caching technologies. Caching is
being deployed at different stages in the software and hardware
hierarchies. In this presentation, Dr. Mohan provides both an
introduction to different in-use and emerging caching technologies, as
well as a discussion of the tradeoffs involved with different caching
granularities and cache deployment points.