I have created a web service using ASP.NET that exposes a web method, using

I use this web service in a console application (non .NET) created using
VC++ (7.0). I call this web method using the header file (proxy class) that
is created by the IDE when I add a web reference to the web service. All of
this works fine. I also assume that WSDL.exe is called here to create the

Now, I want to call this web service asynchronously. What I understand from
going thru' articles in MSDN is that the proxy created for a web service
(which is what I understand happens when you add a web reference to the web
service in the console application) should contain methods for both calling
web methods synchronously and asynchronously. i.e., the method, the method
starting with "Begin" and the method starting with "End". But I don't see
the begin and end methods in the header file (in the proxy class) that is
created when the reference is added.

Am I missing something? Can someone tell me how to call the web method
asynchronously? Also, from MSDN I understand that for calling the web
method asynchronously it is not mandatory that the web method is implemented
asynchronouly. The proxy takes care of it automatically. Please help.