Hi, I need to know..how did the transition to Illustrator go for you.

With lack of development attention and testing, and an apparent loss of focus by Macromedia on what was a reliable app, causing fundamental bugs in Freehand for me, e.g. paste insides destroys all layers when cut contents done !... the time has come to consider whether Illustrator is a better future.

I run a cartographic database and service here for the Government, with maps being created based upon existing master base maps, or children thereof, depending on which yields the least extra work. They are often complex with over 130 layers featuring roads, rivers etc, many text layers, paste insides and so on. Master maps are FH3 origin, some are FH7, and most are FH7 saved, with some now as FH9 and FH10. I use mostly Postscript Type 1 fonts for full Vector prog functionality. Colours either Pantone Coated or CMYK. Printing to non postscript Epson 3000 and HP colour laserjet 3700 pscript/non pscript.

How was it for you with the layers, the paste insides, the Freehand created vector patterns, end caps, line types, linked tiff images, blends, groupings, printing to desktop printers, non postscript and postscript and so on.

As one map acts as mother to children maps, which can in turn produce their own children, its important no peculiarities exist to get duplicated throughout. I shall also try a demo of CS but often time is too short to find everything out, like the paste inside issue after 5 months, who knows how many maps I have wrecked with it !

I also have to consider MAC or PC, currently PC win2k Pentium 3GHz, 2Gb ram, with Freehand icons vanishing, sticky tool selection problems (clicking mag glass still sees arrow in use etc), FH crashes despite this spec !! MAC may be better ?

Is MAC FH to AI more stable than PC FH to AI I wonder ?