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I have been looking at the Olympus D 560 camera which has great size for travel. Money is not a problem for me but I do think this camera might suit my needs. What size will it print pics. Any opinions welcomed. I also like the fact that the lens is covered when not in use. Thanks, Noel...

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    I have been looking at the Olympus D 560 camera which has great size for travel. Money is not a problem for me but I do think this camera might suit my needs. What size will it print pics. Any opinions welcomed. I also like the fact that the lens is covered when not in use.
    Thanks, Noel
    Noel Robert Guest

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    Here is a link to a review page:
    This camera looks to be very compact, should give you decent 5x7 prints. It has only 3x optical zoom. The Olympus C-750 has 10x optical zoom, but that is the trade-off for the compact size. I like the fact that it has a glass lens vs. the plastic lens found on some cameras.
    Good luck.
    Kenneth Liffmann Guest

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    The output of this camera is 2048x1536 ppi.
    Applying bicubic scaling by small increments of about 10% will usually allow you to increase its size up to 4x linear.
    The result will be an image at 8192x6144 ppi; printing at 300 ppi will result in an image of approximately 27x20 inches.

    I know people on the forum object to upscaling, but upscaling up to over 3x has worked great for me.

    I 'm a pro photographer and I care very much for providing my clients with quality images, but I'm very happy with the results until now.

    Leen Koper Guest

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    Reducing size and weight of a camera might look very attractive, but more mass usually means more stability and a reduction of motion blurr.

    Leen Koper Guest

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    So true, I love the 990, I am only an amateur, but this camera does amazing things for us.
    But I do need something small when we are out hiking, biking, traveling, and so forth.

    Here is my recent problem which is driving me batty, and you might know a solution, is trying to capture 3 fast moving grandkids, our pets, and wildlife. This 'digital delay' with my 990 is very frustrating.
    I looked at the Casio QV-R4, as this was the lightest, smallest, and FASTEST camera available, and just found that it is discontinued.
    Size, weight, speed, is what I need; do you have a recommendation?
    There are a lot of fantastic cameras out there, and I need to find what I should buy.
    Thanks again, Jane
    Jane Carter Guest

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    Jane, check They have extensive tests on many different cameras.
    I don't sell that many cameras to have a good opinion based on personal experience. Moreover, I intend to close my retailshop within a few months and concentrate solely on photography and imaging.
    I do read however the reviews of cameras to keep me informed. If you really prefer a small lightweight camera, have a loook at the small Minolta. I sold one a few weeks ago and I don't remember a significant shutter delay.

    If your main photographic interests are wildlife, grandchildren and pets you need a long zoomlens. But long lenses require sturdy tripods. And long lenses, sturdy tripods etc. are not my favourite equipment when it comes to hiking and biking.

    I suppose you need two cameras.... ;-))

    Leen Koper Guest

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    Some extra information.
    When I do environmental portraiture I prefer that a lot over the studio- of children I prefer long telephoto lenses, usually the 35 mm equivalent of 300 mm.
    These lenses offer a wonderful shallow depth of field so the subject really stands out from the background.
    I'll have someone else attract the attention of the children from a direction the light on their faces will be atttractive.

    Leen Koper Guest

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    I'm one of those who prefer a larger camera - another reason I chose a Canon G3 over the smaller ones- it's still compact compared to an SLR (less so if you want to put the adaptor on to allow use of filters, teleconverter, wideangle, closeup lenses etc- my camera bag is suddenly a bit small!). I find the larger camera easier to hold steady, and finding the buttons is easier too. In fact I Really like holding the G3 mounted on a bracket with my external flash - then it feels like a real camera! (but if I want to, I can just take it out on its own without all the add-ons and it will fit in a pouch which I can clip to my belt quite comfortably)

    The longer zoom lenses of the Olympus 10xzoom range were quite attractive - but now I've used my G3, I wonder what the autofocus is like on full zoom with the longer lenses, with the narrower depth of field. The AF on my Canon takes significantly longer to find the right spot at full zoom than at wideangle.

    The delay on the G3 isn't too bad if you prefocus and lock the exposure - but it isn't a small camera.

    Susan S.
    Susan S. Guest

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    Default Re: Camera selection help

    For a gadget lover the phrase "a pair and a spare" can be a moto.

    I suggest looking at the new Sony DSC-V1. A full review has just been posted on dpreview.
    Julio Guerra Guest

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