I need a film loop to play once, then loop playback on the last frame so I can keep the LOOP of the film loop set. This will allow the tell commands embedded inside buttons in the film loop to work, but allows me stop stop other things, like movement from occuring.

Here is the help i got from Chuck Neal, but i can't get it to work when applied as a behavior to the sripte channel holding the film loop.


Actually, yes. You can make your own controller...

property spriteNum
on exitFrame me
tell sprite spriteNum
f = the frame
l = the lastFrame
end tell
f = f + 1
if f > l then f = 1
tell sprite spriteNum to go to frame f

Chuck Neal
CEO, MediaMacros, Inc.


The reason for this request is for this website:


The top button bar that opens and closes on mouseDown of a button is made with 3 film loops. 1 loops endlessly, thus the tell command for the rollovers work when the website starts. But, the second Film loop to close the menu bar and the third to open the bar need to stop at the end, but if the film loop is set not to loop, allowing this to happen, the tell commands don't work. So, i need the film loop to play once and loop only on the last frame or frames to allow the tell commands to continue working and the movement to stop.

Any other ideas would be appreciated and thanks to Chuck for the starting point.

Tom Schiemer