First, a business size box is created, then using SHIFT-ALT the rectangle is
dragged beneath the first. Using CTRL-ALT-D several more boxes are created.
The end result looks like a stack of boxes going down the page.

After selecting all of the duplicated boxes and using
len/magnify/center-point the little cross for the center-point appears in
the selected box closest to the top of the page. All of the center-points
are layered one on top of the other. j

One-by-one the center points are dragged into the box originally drawn. The
idea is when the makings for a business card are placed into the original
the information is automatically duplicated into all of the other boxes.

Now for the question.

Is there a way to move all of the center-points at one time? I'd like to do
this because it would assure identical alignment in all of the duplicated