while being root (on my MDK 9.1 system), I get the following strange error
message when I want to rebuild packages:

[rootlocalhost test]# dir
avm-c4l-1.5.1-1mdk.src.rpm avm-c4l-1.5-1mdk.src.rpm
[rootlocalhost test]# rpm --rebuild *.rpm
/usr/lib/rpm/rpmb: Permission denied
[rootlocalhost test]#

--> before that, the program said that this directory (rpmb) is missing, so
I created it manually, with read/write/exec permission for root and

What the heck is wrong here???? I just installed my MDK from scratch, and
before I was able to recompile without a problem. I installed all develop
files, so what is wrong?

Please help, I can not connect to the net with these rpms being rebuild!

Debian 3.0 (unstable) / Linux 2.4.21 (gcc 3.3) / KDE 3.13 / NVidia 1.0-4363
on AMD Athlon 1.4 Mhz Via KT133 256 MB GFroce 2 GTS