"Giorgis" <giorgisthotmail.com> wrote in news:3eabd20f$0$16175$afc38c87
> Can one use normal AA batteries in Olympus C5050?
One can. As others have mentioned, they have a relatively short useful life
in the camera, but are not exhausted by it and can be used in other devices
once they become useless for the camera. I keep my GPS happy with alkalines
that I have "exhausted" in the C5050. :>

The "high performance" batteries such as Duracell Ultra, do appear to
perform better for camera use; I understand they are designed with lower
internal resistance and can give more of their total life at the high
current outputs that cameras require.

NIMH rechargables are my power source of choice, but it's very nice to have
the alkaline option for emergencies.

Saludos-- Larry