I am having video issues. When I try to play a video on the CW or FOX (who both
use the same Adobe software) - I can hear the video flawlessly, but can't see
it. When playing video from other sites, however (the foodnetwork, ABC,
metacafe, etc.) - I can hear and see, just fine. I have successfully downloaded
both Players, and my firewall/pop-up blocker is not the issue. My settings are
fine...I just don't get it. After poring over this matter with techs - by
deduction, elimination, and testing - we all came to the conclusion that the
problem was the website's...until I discovered that some others were viewing
it, just fine. This is when I picked up on the connection - the Adobe software
(remember - FOX and the CW, are the only ones I have trouble with). There must
be something wrong with, or missing from - the software. I have a Windows
XP(Home) OS, and use Internet Explorer. Anyone else having this problem, or
know what the problem is? If you do, or even think you might - PLEASE tell