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Had the same problem believe it or not it was simple to delete (drag & drop) to the recycle bin!...

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Had the same problem believe it or not it was simple to delete (drag & drop) to the recycle bin!
    funene Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Had the same problem believe it or not it was simple to delete (drag & drop) to the recycle bin!
    funene Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    I got it deleted by dragging and dropping the file to recycle bin!
    funene Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    I found my answer to this issue in the registry, the following key below had an
    odd ending consisting of a "/1" after flash.ocx. I deleted the extra chars,
    and all is right with the world after restarting IE.


    The incorrect entry was:

    The Correct value is:

    FYI, I did a regedit FIND for "flash.ocx" and looked for anything out of the
    ordinary; try that if my fix doesn't work.

    eelnicki Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Adobe has a beta release for Flash Player Please download and test it here:

    McNast Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    As noted, the public beta of the Flash Player 9 updater 1 is live as of this
    afternoon. I strongly encourage everyone to install a copy and confirm that any
    issue you're seeing has been resolved. I created a topic called "Flash Player 9
    Update 1 Feedback" to ensure your comments on the public beta receive special
    attention. Note that time is short, so please begin testing soon.

    Thank you all for your help and patience to date. The Flash Player team
    greatly appreciates it.

    More information is available on the Labs site:

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    I ran the previously posted uninstall instructions, which did uninstall it but
    didn't kills flash9.ocx.

    Desperate, I downloaded and installed the basic version of Flash 8, which
    includes the flash 8 player, as I was unable to find a Flashplayer8 standalone

    Anyways, My IE6 no longer crashes when I try to open up Crickelr and other
    flash sites.

    As an aside, it seems like every new Adobe version has been absolute junk,
    with multiple stupid errors, especially with IE plugins (Acrobat7). What the
    heck happened????

    eelnicki Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    The issue should be solved when using the test version posted
    above ( Some people have also had trouble with the Texas Hold 'Em
    game - this is fixed too.

    The uninstallers are also posted on the Labs site to ensure your current
    version is removed completely.

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    :disgust; Paul; I too have had the problem described above. I never did before
    til about a month ago. Now it happens on all sites that have flash content.
    Yahoo, nickjr, pandora, are a few that it happens to me on. Sometimes
    immediately when going to the site and sometimes after a few minutes, but it
    will always do it. It is getting so frustrating. Please help.
    I did uninstall the flash9 using your uninstaller as you said and then I
    downloaded and installed the beta version. And not to my surprise, I still have
    that error! It did not fix the problem. What can I do?
    A couple of times after acknowledging the error my pc actually rebooted
    itself. Scarry!
    And also; can that active-x control affect games(installed games, not games on
    the internet), because I play a game called battlefield 2 and about the same
    time as the flash9 error I have been having an issue where it will crash to
    desktop and sometimes reboot my pc. I have never had that issue before till
    this flash problem. But if its unrelated; please help me with this flash
    error!! Where can I get flash7 or flash8. I cant find them anywhere on the

    milletics Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    Thanks for the new flash beta. I was very happy to get something to help fix
    my problem. The beta was working out okay untill I went to the website
    [url][/url]. It will not load the website and keeps giving me the
    error message with the details below:

    IEXPLORE executed an invalid instruction in
    module FLASH9B.OCX at 0167:3005121e.
    EAX=03201c40 CS=0167 EIP=3005121e EFLGS=00010246
    EBX=00000002 SS=016f ESP=00646e6c EBP=00646ea0
    ECX=03207ec0 DS=016f ESI=03207f60 FS=13a7
    EDX=00000003 ES=016f EDI=00000005 GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    0f 77 8b 46 38 db 80 88 00 00 00 51 db 40 64 51
    Stack dump:
    006473e4 03207f60 03205780 00000000 41a00000 fffffab9 ffffffd8 00000001
    00646f70 30072ae0 00647418 03207ec8 00000004 00646f70 30072fce 03207f60

    Is there anything that you can suggest to help fix this problem? I appreciate
    your help in this matter.


    czarman Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    The problem you describe seems much more severe than one caused by Flash. In
    general, Flash can only caused your browser to malfunction, not your system to
    restart. Are you using Win 95 or Win 98? Is there a chance you have a virus or
    some other type of malware running on your system?

    Here's a possible next step. Can you run the uninstaller on the Labs site?
    Then, go ahead and surf the web without Flash installerd. Do not re-install
    Flash, even if prompted. Does the crash still occur? If so, can you provide a
    screen print?

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    I went to the townhall site as requested. I could not get a crash to occur.
    Strangely enough, there is very little Flash content on this page (other than
    an advertisement or two). If you return to the site, do you see the crash? Can
    you capture a screen print so I can see the context?

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Paul; I run XP. I will run my virus scanner and uninstall flash and see what happens. Thanks. I will let you know.
    milletics Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    I also got flash to work after I
    1. Uninstalled the flash Player With the uninstaller
    2. reboot computer
    3. remove safe versions from registry using regedit . follow the steps thru 4
    then stop. DO NOT FOLLOW STEP 5 as this will just reinstall the imperfect flash
    player 9 again.

    xtid=4a8d52ae&dialogID=157746351&iterationID=2&ses sionID=9630212957305d4a5df8&st
    3. Reboot computer again.
    4. Now go to this url and download flash player 7
    5. Flash Player should now work.
    6. Be very wary of Flash Player 9 untill they fix it.
    Hope this helps.

    thegate55 Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Dear Paul,

    I saw your message while looking for help with my flashplayer problem and I
    have given you as much info as I can to help us all that are encountering this
    problem using flashplayer 9.0. By the way I don?t know if it matters but when
    I looked in my Macromedia File in C:/Windows/system 32/macromedia I noticed
    both flash 8 & 9. Is that correct to have both?

    [The second problem that is being discussed here are Flash Player crashes. The
    most valuable piece of information you can provide is the URL where the crash
    occurred. Its also essential to provide the version number of the Flash Player
    you're using and your confirguration (operating system and browser version).
    You get bonus points for returning to the URL and letting us know if the crash
    occurred a second time. With this information, we can track down the root cause
    and resolve it.

    Thanks for your help.

    --- Paul
    Flash Player Engineering]


    Adobe flashplayer 9.0
    MSIE 7.0
    OS: Windows XP
    Dell Dimension 3000
    120 gig HD
    1 gig ram memory
    Intel Pent 4

    I was in level 10 of the game and received this error when trying to proceed
    to the next level:

    MSIE 7.0 has encountered a conflict with the add on Adobe flashplayer 9.0 and
    must close.

    cumtavo Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx


    I don't have a Neopets account, but the test version of Flash Player 9 on should fix your problem. (Remember to run the uninstaller before
    trying to install the test version.) If it doesn't, let me know.

    Note that there is no harm in having multiple versions of Flash in
    c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash on your system. Only one is active at a time
    and its typically the newest (greatest version) one. For example, flash9b.ocx
    is newer than flash9a.ocx which is newer that flash8.ocx. If you accidentally
    delete the active one, you can reinstall to correct the problem.

    If you're curious, new versions have unique filenames simply to prevent you
    from having to reboot your system when a new version is installed. This
    tehnique addresses a Windows limitation and if you're like me, rebooting your
    machine is an annoying interruption.

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    tavo / Paul - I can confirm that my problems on neopets have been solved
    completely since the beta release.

    No crashes for 4 days (and counting), and I can play moon rock rampage without
    a single problem

    mikeypcb Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Paul, I have downloaded the beta and have not experienced any problems since.
    You always hear the problems people are having, so I wanted to share the good
    news with you too. Everything has been working perfectly for the applications
    I use. Thank you. Thank you.

    dakota__ Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Cool - thank you both. Its great to hear the good news. In absence of positive
    feedback, I wasn't sure if everything is working well, or if you've gotten
    frustrated and given up.

    Keep the feedback coming (positive and negative).

    --- Paul

    Paul Betlem - Macr Guest

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    Default Re: Can't delete Flash9.ocx

    Hi Paul,

    I have an application which fetches about 1000 records (ajax) ... creates an
    array in javascript and passes this data to a flash function. This happens
    whenever a user clicks on some available links. Flash then processes this data
    to perform various tasks including populating a datagrid.

    My problem is that if the user clicks on these data-fetching links rapidly the
    Flash ocx crashes the browser, causing the application to terminate. I
    believe it may be a problem with the quantity of data being processed. Is there
    a soultion to this issue. Can I stop the flash function from processing the old
    data and use the new data instantly.

    Wiz Of Oz Guest

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