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    Default Can't open Flash files on Windows XP

    I have Flash Player 9 installed. I can view Flash files online in my browsers
    (IE and Firefox), but when I try to open a Flash file on my computer to just
    play it in Flash Player, it asks me what I want to use to open the file. I have
    searched the support doents and looked online everywhere, but can't seem to
    find the problem. Basically, I can't find the actual Flash Player program file
    on my machine. I know it's there, otherwise I wouldn't be able to view Flash
    files in the browser, but I can't view them on my local machine.

    I have tried setting the program associated with .swf files in folder options
    to the following, but none of them work. When associating .swf files with any
    of these, it says an update for Flash is available. I go through the update,
    reboot because it says it's required, but when I start back up, it just does
    the same thing. I cannot open Flash files (.swf) on my computer, only in the
    browser and none of the paths I have tried setting .swf files to open with are
    actually the Flash Player application. I need to know where the Flash Player is
    on Windows XP. HELP?!?!?!

    The paths I've tried are:

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\NPSWF32_FlashUtil.exe

    None of them will open Flash files on my local computer. I have searched my
    machine, and those are the only paths I can find that have anything to do with
    the Flash Player. Even though it's an Adobe product now instead of a Macromedia
    product, I can't find anything for Flash in any Adobe directories, just
    Macromedia directories.

    Does anyone know how to remedy this? Has anyone else had this same problem?
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! It seems like I started
    having this association problem as soon as Flash was switched from Macromedia
    to Adobe.


    WalstonNet Guest

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    Default Re: Can't open Flash files on Windows XP

    I found the solution. After searching the web for what seemed like an eternity,
    I found the following on a Google Groups page:

    [Q]1 - How can I make my PC play a flash file on my local hard drive?

    Unless you buy Macromedia Flash (the authoring environment) you can't play
    them just straight off, you have to open them with a browser which has the
    Flash Player plugin installed. To do this, either right-click on the .swf and
    select open with... (internet explorer) or open IE and then go to file...
    open.... etc.[/Q]

    Then I realized that I started having the problem about the time I got my new
    laptop. I didn't install Flash MX on my new laptop because I don't really use
    it anymore, I use Swish, so I didn't install it because I hate installing
    programs I don't use. Anyways, I installed Flash MX on my new laptop and walla,
    I can open .swf files on my machine again.

    I didn't realize I had to have Flash installed (the program, not the player)
    in order to be able to open .swf files on my machine as opposed to viewing them
    in a browser. Guess I know now!

    I thought I'd post what I found in case anyone else had the same problem and
    didn't realize it.


    WalstonNet Guest

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    Default Re: Can't open Flash files on Windows XP

    > I use Swish

    SWiSH Max also comes with a Flash player exe .. so you don't need to install
    Flash in that case to get a standalone player.

    Look for SWiSHpla.exe

    Jeckyl Guest

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    Default Re: Can't open Flash files on Windows XP

    I use Swish too, but I didn't want a standalone, I wanted to view an .swf. It's fixed though, so no biggie. Thanks.

    WalstonNet Guest

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    Default Re: Can't open Flash files on Windows XP

    >I use Swish too, but I didn't want a standalone, I wanted to view an .swf.
    > It's fixed though, so no biggie.
    Thats what swishpla.exe does .. its standalone for viewing SWF files .. its
    what Max uses when you test in player.

    Jeckyl Guest

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