Jack wrote:
> Dear all
> I had write a script like this :
> $link = "page.php?day=$day&month=$month&year=$year";
> when i click on the link, it should pass the parameter to "page.php" with
> $month and $year variables.
> It actually works fine in php4.2.1, but when i went to other office which
> got php5.0 above installed, using the same script, but it won't pass any
> parameters to page.php! How come?
> I heard there is something to set in the php5.0's php.ini before i can do
> so, is that right?
> Please could anyone give me a hand on this?
IIRC, a default installation does not automatically make global variable
ou of GET parameters.

echo $_GET['day'].'<br />';
echo $_GET['month'].'<br />';
echo $_GET['year'].'<br />';

I think it's called GPC in the php config file.