Hi NG,

i have the following problem. I have developed a webservice-application as
an asp.net-project. The ws-methods use methods from a classlibrary (dll)
which i linked to the asp-project. Everything works fine on my computer.

Now i try to transfer the project to another computer with the whole
..Net-Framework and Visual Studio.Net installed. I upload the project on the
IIS, i renew the link to the classlibrary, then in try to start the web
service and invoke a ws-method. What happens is, that the first call of a
method of the class library succeds but the second time i try to call a
method, i get the following error message:

"Object Reference is not set to an Instance of an Object"

The code looks like this:

jfak = New jFaktory
rueck = jfak.getListe(conn, welche)

where jFactory is a class in the mentioned class-library and getListe is the
method i want to invoke.

Any ideas whatīs wrong here?? How can i make my web service work on another

Any help is much appreciated