Hi All

This is my first post in this forum:-)
I have searched extensive to try to find if it is possible for an end user ie
"a writer or publisher" or even an administrator to be able to move an already
published page from one location within the site structure to another location.
ie create a new folder & simply move a current page into the new folder?? with
the benefit of updating all associated files/links/BAKs etc at the same time.

I realise that Dreamweaver can do this & maintan all the linking structure as
long as the site is synced, but I have a client who has created a "lot" of
pages in the root of the site & now wants to move them into seperate &
identifiable folders. (something I stressed at the beginning) but they didnot
do this. I am asking this question as I would prefer them to tackle this task
themselves as a learning curve & not tie me into repairing it. (I did suggest
to create a copy of each page, save it to the new location folder & manually
update page links ..... but I think due to the shear anount of pages already
created, they may just end up loosing track & crashing links all over the place.

Any replies would be appreciated.

Regards Jason Keable