I am trying to figure out how to insert a variable number of records
into one table in Access, therefore without stored procedures, in ASP

My application includes the facility for the user to search the
database of contacts for people matching certain criteria to send a
mailing to. The search form leads to a second form which contains a
repeat region displaying the list of records that match the chosen
criteria. The user can then deselect people he/she doesn't want to
send to using a check box. Consequently there could be one or hundreds
in the mailing list. My second form currently submits all checked
personIDs into one field in the mailing list table (because all
instances of the checkbox in the repeat region have the same name).
This works but is clearly not ideal - you later have to p this
field in order to get any useful data out of it.

What I'd really like to do is get each person checked into its own
line in the db.

ie. Current structure:

ListID Mailinglist
1 2, 5, 88
2 7, 14, 102

Where each comma delimeted value in field MailingList represents one

Ideal structure:

ListID PersonID
1 2
1 5
1 88
2 7
2 14
2 102

Easy enough with SQL Server, but horrible with Access.

If you know the number of records to insert you can do it with a
command insert object, but this is really only practical with fairly
short lists - i.e. if you always want to insert (say) five records it
is OK.

So can you put the command insert object in a variable length loop and
keep iterating through it until you reach the total checked

My hand coding skills aren't much to write home about, so any guidance
much appreciated.