I installed WordPress on the server where my website is hosted. I want to use
Contribute to work on that blog. When I try to set up connections, I specify
"other hosts" and I enter the URL of the blog. After I enter that URL, I can
click the "browse" button and display the blog. When I clicke "next" I am asked
for the ID and password, presumably because Contribute has identified the API
connection. I enter the same ID and password that works successfuly when I log
in to wp-admin on that server. However, I receive a message that Contribute
cannot connect to the Blog.
I am able to connect successfully to my publicly hosted WordPress blog. I
identified the file to which Contribute is connecting for the publicly hosted
blog, and I found the same file in my WordPress installation on my Startlogic
server. However, when I specify that path and filename in Contribute, the
connection fails, saying it cannot connect to the server.
I opened a ticket with my hosting service, Startlogic, and the support techs
believe I should be able to connect with the ID qatharms that works fine on
wp-admin. However, that ID doesn't work, and Startlogic cannot tell me what is
going wrong. Can anybody here give me a clue?