I installed flash media server 2 (limited connections developer version) in
computer A ( with port 1111 for administration. I opened the
management console(fms2_console.swf) and connected the server successfully by
inputing both "localhost" and "" as server addresses.
But when I input 203.222.*.* (my real ip adddress,i.e. the gateway/router
address) as the server address in the management console, I couldn't connect
the server. It poped up "Login attempt to the server below failed...". I had
mapped ports 1111 and 1935 to computer A( in gateway/router and
opened these ports in Norton Antivirus worm protection. I didn't use windowxp
build-in firewall. I tried reinstalling FMS2. I read thru all the installing
and management guides but I still can't solve the problem. Can any guys let me
know or give me some hints that what's wrong may be?

Also I copied fms2_console.swf to computer B ( ,excuted it and
connected to computer A by inputting "" as server address in
management console. The same error message popped up. It seems that I can only
use computer A to connect the FMS itself locally. Why??