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>I am trying to set up a home network. I have run the Xp home network wizard
>and everything has gone ok. Ibrowswe to view workgroup computers and can see
>the 2 computers on the screen , but I cannot access the second PC on my
>I then tried to ping the ip address of the second PC and get no reply, so i
>thought I'd try and ping the 2 NIC I have in my first pc. But i get no reply
>from either card. I have checked the IP address's by ipconfig/all and cannot
>ping either of them.
>Both Pc's are XP Pro, and I have Norton Firewall on the main pc, I have
>created a rule that permits the ip address of the second pc and even done
>the home network wizard on my firewall and it still don't ping.
>Any suggestions?
Make sure that XP's built-in Internet Connection Firewall is disabled,
as shown here:

Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall

If that doesn't fix the problem, I suspect that there's something
wrong with the Norton Firewall settings. Un-install the firewall and
try network access again.
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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