Thanx, Marko. That's just what I was wary of with simply exchanging
the camera at the point of purchase.

I used the "DeadPixelTest.exe" program to discover that the pixel set
isn't completely hot. (Taking RAW pics in darkroom.) At ISO 50, it
only appears at the 1 sec. exposure, and even then it is only gray.
It goes away again after the 1.3 sec noise filter engagement. At ISO
100, it shows up all the time. I'm going to take a try a few more
DeadPixelTest shots this afternoon to nail down a baseline before
sending it off to Canon.

Out of curiosity, what was Canon's turnaround time for this repair?

James Carpenter
Just west of Guthrie, KY

"marko" <> wrote in message news:<bej3m8$5aq$>...
> I bought a G3 from an online store in Belgium and it had a dead pixel, returned
> it and got another one with the same problem. Got fed up and sent it to Canon
> who fixed it.