I have been devouring all info possible on the net about the DataSet <-->
RDBMSResolver <--> XMLConnector setup. I have pretty much everything in place
and working except for the final bit. The results_packet returned from my web
server looks very correct but absolutely nothing happens once the XMLconnector
receives it. This is what it looks like:

<results_packet transID="IID67981199361:Tue Apr 11 19:50:18 GMT+0200 2006">
<operation op="update" id="IID28518916294" />

The transID and operation ID matches those in the update packet sent by
RS/XMLConn. When I modify one of the rows in the DataSet (via a DataGrid) a new
delta packet is created and sent. In addition, the RS/XMLConn sends the first
packet again so now I got two update packets for which i generate two response
packets. The interesting thing is that on the third run the first packet is no
longer being sent. It appears as though the last two delta packets are always

I have the following bindings: (DG=DataGrid, DS=DataSet, RS=RDBMSResolver, XC=
XMLconnector, <-- in, --> out, <--> in/out):

DG.dataProvider <-- DS.dataProvider
DG.selectedIndex <--> DS.selectedIndex

DS.deltaPacket <--> RS.deltaPacket
DS.dataProvider --> DG.dataProvider
DS.dataProvider <-- XMLConnector.results (separate conn to populate initial

RS.deltaPacket <--> DS.deltaPacket
RS.updatePacket --> XM.params
RS.updateResults <-- XM.results

After modifying one of the rows in the DG my "Save" button ligths up
(modelChanged event). I hit Save, which invokes DS.applyUpdates() and
XM.trigger() to send the update packet to the server. The Save button goes grey
after the model has no more pending changes.

After the transaction apparently completes, my Save button is still grey.
Everything looks just fine except that on the next modification, two delta
packets are sent.

I am sure I have missed something obvious right under my nose but I have spent
several days debugging now so ... if anyone has any clue as to what it might be
I'd be happy to know.