For purposes of error reporting, I want to be able to catch any uncaught
Nceptions that are thrown in my application so that I can do things
like display an error window, allow the user to send a bug report, etc.

I can catch some by implementing a custom NSApplication subclass and
overriding the reportException: method. But a large chunk of my
program's code runs inside NSTimers, and this does not catch uncaught
exceptions thrown by code inside an NSTimer. NSTimer has its own handler
that very quietly logs the exception to the console and continues
execution of the program. I want to be able to catch these because they
should be considered as a fatal error, at least during the testing phase
if not release as well. I haven't found any doentation or discussion
of NSTimer's mechanism for logging uncaught exceptions and how to
override it. The stack trace from when an exception is logged is
similarly unenlightening.

Does anybody know how/if this is possible? Thanks in advance.