I recently started getting this problem with Windows Media
Player 9 Series.....I cannot burn to any kind of CD or any
cd format ? I get this error message saying??? "
Interface Not Registered ? then I go to the web site and
it saids.....You have encountered the following error
while using Windows Media Player:
Error# 80040155

Sorry, no more help is available for this problem at this

Why ?.....Can somebody help me...My cd-rw works good
because I still play cd's there but it doesn't burn...Then
I just have noticed that it doesn't want to burn using
MusicMatch or any other Burning Software...I'm just
thinkin that my registry might be corrupted because a
couple of days I unistalled Roxio easy cd creator a Nero
because I simply didn't like it....but if that is not the
problem then I don't know what it is... Can somebody help
me out there ? please ...and many thanks and blessings.