I had my ASP .NET application in my windows 2000 Server
and IIS5. It had been working fine for 9 months. Because
of virus threatening of last week, I had to run "Windows
Update" in the server. My system administrator told me to
change the user that I had been using in "ProcessModel"
tag of machine.config. Now I am using a user in the
machine.config which has administrative right.

But When I run the ASP .NET application and try to send
an email, I got error message as:

Could not create 'CDO.Message' object.

I checked C:\WinNT\System32 and C:\WinNT\Microsoft.NET
folders, the user has read/write/execute permissons.

I unregistered cdosys.dll. When I tried to register it
again I got error message as:

DllRegisterServer in cdosys.dll failed.
Return code was 0x800704da

How can I register this dll again?