Ok, this is my first extentsion, i have read up on how to create them, aswell
as some of the dw API.

Extentsion takes a currently selected element (such as the <div> container )
and creates the necessary code to center that element using the negative
margins approach.

So far Im having a little trouble calling the api functions to wrap a CSS ID
around a selected element ( DIV, or table)
I was able to create a new ID called #CenterContainer, which includes ::

#CenterContainer { position:absolute; top:50%; left:50%; overflow:hidden; }

I have to be able to store the width and height of a selected element, then do
some math functions to find the negitive half of that number. and store it as
margin-left and margin-top.

So basically i need help with wrapping a ID around a selected Element.
this may sound confusing, or may not, much appreicated for the ones who take
their time to help.