Dear Macromedians et altera !


Everyone has the right nowadays to build bugs into software; but this
goes with the damned duty to provide the best help possible to resolve
buggy behaviours; to adhere to the rules of fairplay ...

Now the bug/issue:

My investigation about CF connection pooling was initiated by CF
native error messages all containing the string "No buffer space
available (maximum connections reached?)"; they have been issued using
several databases (e.g. MySQL and MS SQL Server) in conjunction with
several database drivers; and configured in several ways via the CF
administrator. They have been occuring after I had run an app that
does database access for a while.

The only thing I could find out doing web research is:

- Nobody seems to know exactly what is going on when this CF native
error message is issued.
- I have read that using Windows, it takes a server OS to eliminate
this erroneous behaviour; Windows 2003 Server shall be beneficial with
regard to this issue; I am not sure if both, the CF server and the
database server must run on a server OS.


- Is there really no chance to eliminate this bug other than using a
server OS ?
- If I configure DSNs for connection pooling by choosing "Maintain
connections" in CF administrator, how is this connection pooling done
by CF ? Does it come somehow "out of the box", or must I install
"connection pool manager software" in addition to the database drivers
- Does it make sense to finetune connection pooling by using JRun data
sources ? And how can I define JRun data sources ?

A thorough clarification of these important topics is greatly
appreciated. And probably not only by me ...

My development environment - surely seldom found:
- OS: Windows 98 SE
- Standalone CFMX 6.1 using builtin webserver
- MSDE 2000 (developer version of MS SQL Server)
- MySQL 4.1.11