I am once again trying to use Dreamweaver.
Here I want to create my first CFC.
I'm following the online tutorial Building Your First Database Application
with ColdFusion MX 7, Tutorial 5, Using ColdFusion Components (part 1)

I created the CFC component. Then I want to go back into my regular CFM file
and replace the current regular CFQUERY with the CFINVOKE lines. The tutorial
says to click the "+" button on Bindings and then "Recordset (query)" and then
click the "CFC Query" button in the "Recordset" screen. When they do it in the
tutorial they get a new "CFC Query" screen that has "Package", "Component", and
"Function" already filled in - ... but my files are blank....so I am stuck.

Why does their tutorial have values in the boxes, whereas mine are blank???