I'm trying to create a cfchart that will show the growing numbers of an event as they happen chronologically. It's a stacked series of data, beginning on a common day, and each line of data increases by one number on various days over the course of a few years.

When I try to translate this into a cfchart, I've managed to create a chart that illustrates it, but it is horrifyingly ugly and barely functional. I've included a screenshot of the atrocity.

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 12.06.05 AM.jpg

As you can see, cfchart has gladly added about a billion stupid data points, and even more irritatingly, it does NOT make nice, clean steps up in the chart, instead sstttreeetttcchhiiinnnggg the numbers up on a nice incline, even though I have specified "step" in the chart series tags.

Basically I'd like a graph that steps up in straight lines, and I'd like one that doesn't feel the need to add thousands of stupid data points for no reason. I stripped out the chart data and ran the queries as just text blocks and they don't even come close to this sort of hyperactivity.

Any help is definitely appreciated.