I've read several online forums concerning the CFCONTENT - PDF problem but
haven't seen anything similar to the problem I'm having... I'm developing an
CF application that dynamically creates PDF doents, displays them to the
user, and then deletes them. The funny thing is that when I'm NOT using SSL
(http), the PDF doents are downloaded without a problem and displayed to the
user. The information in the PDF is sensitive, thus it needs to be encrypted.
However, when I change to SSL (https) IE will try to download the cfm file and
subsequently can't find it. Ive tried several different combinations with the
<cfcontent> and <cfheader> tags. But the same problem still exists. Here is a
copy of my code: <cfheader name='content-length' value='#PDF.size#'>
<cfheader name='content-type' value='pdf'> <cfheader
name='content-disposition' value='inline; filename=#PDFfilename#'> <cfcontent
type='application/pdf' file='#directory#/#PDFfilename#' deletefile='Yes'> As
mentioned previously, I've tried different combinations of <cfcontent> and
<cfheader> Including: 1) Not specifying 'content-length' header. 2) Specifying
'attachment' instead of 'inline'. I would much rather use inline in order to
prevent the PDF's from being saved to disk. I obviously don't have a lot of
control over this element. 3) Different content-types including:
x-application/pdf, text/html, unknown, etc. I've noticed that if I change the
settings in IE to allow 'save encrypted files to disk', then the PDF's download
properly when using SSL. But because of the sensitive nature of the PDF data,
I can't tell the users to change this setting in IE. To summarize, without SSL
the PDF's download fine. When using SSL IE tries to download the PDF file,
even when I've specified the filename in 'content-disposition'. Any help would
be much appreciated!!! - Chris