Hi there,

I have a small CFC that reads the contents of a directory and returns the
results to a flash application.

Here is the CFC (pretty simple):
<cffunction name="getDirectory" access="remote" returntype="any">
<cfreturn getList>

The results are being returned back to a Flash applications, and stored in a
dataSet. I then point a dataGrid to the dataSet, just so I can see the

Two our of the possible five fields are being displayed: DataModified, and
Size, but NAME (the most important one) is coming up as NULL.

If I call this CFC from a CFM page, it works...

CFM Page example: [url]http://schedule.novations.com/test.cfm[/url]
Flash page exampe: [url]http://schedule.novations.com/fileList.swf[/url]

Does anyone have any ideas or comments?