When I use a grid similar to the one attached, I can add the first 3 rows in
the manner I would expect (i.e. click 'Add', click on 1st column in new row,
add row values). However, when I get to the 4th row in the grid (the first one
that extends the grid beyond its visible portion) I encounter a problem. After
I add the row using the 'Add' button, I click on the first column of the new
row to edit and the grid seems to re-draw itself and DE-SELECTS the cell I just
selected. I can then go back and re-select the cell and everything from then
on works as expected, but this will be a big pain for my users. Is this a bug?
Is there a way to work around it?

<cfset myQuery = queryNew("col1,col2,col3", "varchar,varchar,varchar")>
<cfform name="foo" action="test.cfm" method="post" format="flash" width="400">
<cfgrid name="Fred" format="Flash" rowheaders="no" height="100"
selectMode="edit" query="myQuery"
insert="yes" insertButton="Add" delete="yes" deleteButton="Delete">
<cfgridcolumn width="100" name="col1" header="One">
<cfgridcolumn width="100" name="col2" header="Two">
<cfgridcolumn width="100" name="col3" header="Three">