I'm trying to use the cfgrid tag and while I can display the grid from a query
I'm having problem with my action page. I using the grid in 'ROW' selectmode.
What I want to do is to get the values from the individual cells from the row
selected. When I call the action page I get an error telling me cf can't find
the grid name. If anyone has some suggestion, I'd appreciate the help. Here's
the code I'm using. <cfform name='frmPt' method='post' action='test1.cfm'>
<cfgrid name='grPatient' autowidth='Yes' width='450' selectmode='row' >
<cfgridcolumn name='MRN' width='150' header='MRN'> <cfgridcolumn
name='LastName' width='100' header='Last Name'> <cfgridcolumn name='FirstName'
width='100' header='First Name'> <cfgridcolumn name='AdmitDate' width='100'
header='Admit Date'> <cfloop query='GetPatientsByView'> <cfgridrow
DATA='#MRN#,#LastName#,#FirstName#,#DateFormat(Adm itDate,'mm/dd/yyyy')#'>
</cfloop> </cfgrid> Action page code
<cfoutput>form.#grPatient#.#LastName#</cfoutput> Tom