My problem is this. I have created an application which will grab records from
a database table and then output the data whithin a cfmail tag to send to
subscribers. The content is bilingual and any French characters such as ?,?,
etc. are not being displayed properly in some email clients. Personally
when testing I could only see the problem myself if I set the encoding in my
Outlook setting to be US-ASCII. So I must assume that the recipient's who are
experiencing this problem have the same settings in their email clients. So, I
need to make the data safe somehow for that character encoding right? Should
I be doing this before the data is being entered into the database or only upon
output of the data? How would I do this? Development Environment: O/S -
Windows Coldfusion V 5 SQL Server 2000 I should point out that the database
table is being populated by the client using a form we have developped. In
many cases they are copying and pasting from MS Word into the form field.
Thanks in advance for any help.