I am running a W2k SP4 box that has been upgraded from CFMX6 to CFMX7.0.1.

The CFMX7.0.1 server is showing the date on the Server Settings > Settings
Summary page as being 13hrs behind the current server time. I have checked the
servers date and time settings and the Regional settings which are showing the
correct time.

With CFMX7.0.1 showing the time as 13hrs behind, scheduled tasks are not
running at the correct time, also cfdirectory does not report last modified
dates correctly.

Can anyone tell me where the CFMX administrator picks up its date and time
settings? Is it from the server BIOS? Could it not be picking up the servers
locale setting correctly? Is there someplace I can check this other than the
Server Settings > Settings Summary page?

I have done a test to change the date/time settings on the server to move the
time forward 5 minutes and the change is reflected in the administrator, but it
still remains 13hrs behind.