We're running IIS6 and Coldfusion MX7. I've recently been
our logs with Urchin, and have noticed an odd thing. After we upgraded
to win2k3 and IIS6, our download count for PDF's went through the roof.
After looking at some of our logs, I noticed that when PDF's were
being downloaded, they hit the server multiple times. They're supposed
to report a status 206 when loading each page, and a status 200 when
the PDF is completely loaded, so urchin only reports on status 200's.
However, all PDF downloads are status 200, not a single 206!

The only functional difference I can find between our test
environment (where it properly reports a status206 code), and
production (where it only reports status 200 codes), is the ColdFusion
patch level. Can anyone offer any ideas?