hi all,

I have been able to install a CFMX7 trial on suse 9.3/64bit (AMD). CFMX runs
with the internal server on port 8500.

Now we must get it running with apache 2 (prferrably) or apache 1.3 to be able
to migrate applications from an older cf5/linux installation (or we cannot use
CFMX7 for this customer).

i have adjusted the script in bin/connectors/apache_connector.sh to meet
SUsE's directories like so:
# ... comment snipped ...
../../runtime/bin/wsconfig \
-server coldfusion \
-ws apache -v \
-dir /etc/apache2 \
-bin /usr/sbin/httpd2 \
-script /usr/sbin/apache2ctl \

exit $

when i run the script i get the following error:
Could not connect to any JRun/ColdFusion servers on host localhost.
Possible causes:
o Server not running
-Start Macromedia JRun4 or ColdFusion MX server
o Server running
-JNDI listen port in jndi.properties blocked by TCP/IP filtering or firewall
on server
-host restriction in security.properties blocking communication with server

ColdFusion is running, the admin is working
the JNDI service listens on port 2920 (tested with telnet from localhost), i
have also tried to run it on port 2901 as seen in other posts with no difference
the contents of ./runtime/lib/security.properties is as follows (i do not
really know what it means, but it looks like a whole C net is allowed to


can anybody help me with this problem. if i am not able to use to script for
the apache moduel installation is there a doent how to install the apache
module manually ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.