Hi there,

There seems to be a REALLY irritating 'feature' of Coldfusion MX, to do with
using cftransaction across function call boundaries, which is even present in
CFMX 7.0.1.

If I do this:

<cfset myTestFunction()>

... then any cfquerys inside myTestFunction() will automatically commit
straight away - in other words, it acts as though it's not inside a
cftransaction when clearly it should be.

This is especially significant when it comes to unit testing your CFCs, and
from a general encapsulation point of view. Our whole methodology revolves
around having all our business logic inside CFCs, and most of our business
logic is transactional, so this is a real problem.

Macromedia/Adobe - do you have any plans to change this in future releases? I
would urge you to consider doing so - this does not make your language look
like a good choice for our future developments.