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the gbook isn't up at the moment, but u c the general look of the site with the menu down the right, etc...Where you u have the main content, i wanna do an include thing there where it brings up the external cgi file...Trouble is i tried this and it changes the paths of all the cgi files, fo instance....

you sign the gbook (signbook.cgi) and it should refresh the page signbook.cgi while sending the information to guestbook.cgi, but it comes up with an error saying it can't find guestbook.cgi.

i've kept all my cgi files in the cgi-bin, the mainpage (guestbook.shtml) is an a separate dir and the browser keeps trying to look for the guestbook.cgi file in the dir that contains the guestbook.shtml file even though the signbook.cgi which is included in the guestbook.shtml file, is still in the cgi-bin with the guestbook.cgi file......

Any idea's, im not quite sure how to get around this one.....hope you can help if you understand it :)