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Challenge #25 - Adobe Photoshop Elements

Greg In the beginning of the Challenge Dave did enter. I can remember one that was of an eye with a reflection in it. This was a time that the Challenge was starting and it could have gone any way. There were a number of people, Dave being one of them, that decided to be more creative than technical. In my mind that has set the stage for future Challenge where now creativity seems to be the driving force. G....

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    In the beginning of the Challenge Dave did enter. I can remember one that
    was of an eye with a reflection in it. This was a time that the Challenge
    was starting and it could have gone any way. There were a number of people,
    Dave being one of them, that decided to be more creative than technical.
    In my mind that has set the stage for future Challenge where now creativity
    seems to be the driving force.


    Grant Dixon Guest

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    I really like that tavern! Mind if I come in some time?

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    It's rather quiet on the Challenge thread, so thought this might be a time that I could ask some questions and add a comment or two.

    Bob Warren - Is the man in your picture a soldier? That was neat how you brought the window into focus, leaving the man to appear only on the peripheral of your vision.

    Byron - Must say I had to laugh at your squashed wicked witch (east? west? I never remember which witch) behind the yellow brick road :) :)

    Chris - I didn't see the seal until I clicked the next picture. Had to go back to see if I was imagining things. Very good blend job. Did you hide any others in the scene? I like pictures where you have to look for hidden objects.

    Connie - Did you do the horse painting? Very nice. I'm "into" horses; used to do a lot of harness driving.

    Irene - Is this your first Challenge picture? I'm terrible at names, and you've probably entered several already. If so, please forgive me; if not, welcome! I like your rocks.

    Juergen - I always love your colors. Can't decide whether I like the 1st or 3rd the best, so will opt for both. Now that I can pronounce your first name correctly, would you do me a favor and include a phonetic spelling of your last name, too?

    Marty - I interpreted your picture as someone getting into a wreck on the lane, rolling down the hill, and coming to rest as a ghost on the threshold of the old house. Bet I've got that all wrong :)

    Paul Levitt - Your #1 is super gorgeous. I would never believe that the house didn't always belong in that scene.

    Pete - I've always wanted to try an "inside" scene like your entry. You turned a sad old house into a happy house. I think you will always be an optimist.

    Robert Jones - Your "orb" is truly amazing. Could you give a hint on how you created it?

    So many, many nice pictures, but not enough time to write any more; need to log off now.

    Marilyn Lee Guest

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    Thanks,I've done that a couple of other times too, but the sea lion was the first one where I thought someone else would notice. Glad it was you.

    Chris Rankin Guest

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    Thank you. I'd take number 3 since it has the *real* sky in it.:-)
    My last name pronounces like 'dirigible', leaving out the 'ib', sort of...

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Thanks, took a while to get the house to look right, then played with other bits & bobs, including Jodie's Spedia styles.

    The background is an old copse by a pond, about a quarter of a mile from where I live. It is nice to go walking there at different times of the year taking photos, must have a hundred or so.

    Paul L UK Guest

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    A lot of imaginative pictures this time.

    BARBARA W: Liked your #2 with the fog and the interesting texture to the stones and roof -- any hints on how you got those?

    CHRIS R: The 'folded' old picture effect is great!

    CHUCK S: Great composition.

    CONNIE H: I liked the way you fit the house into the painting -- looks like it belongs there.

    JODI F: Is that the tree from an earlier challenge in #1? Nice work with the reflections.

    JUERGEN D: The sepia tone is just right for the new setting and the frame matches nicely.

    LEEN K: The light beams are neat -- any special technique?

    MARILYN L: The boys in the overalls are the perfect addition in your #2. Your 'deconstruction' of the cottage in your #3 looks terrific.

    NANCY S: Putting the rocks in the corner makes the man with the jug fit in to the picture really well. It's touches like that I wish I could come up with.

    STANLEY U: I like the change in aspect ratio -- is that 'borrowed' water, did you make it with 'Flood' or...?

    SUSAN S: Nice 'repairs' on your #2 -- the landscaping adds a lot.

    Bob Warren
    Bob E. Warren Guest

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    You can stop in and stay as long as you like. It is a comfortable place and
    a lot of fun.


    I am glad you used the words "a happy place". It was indeed a happy place one time anyway; A long time ago.

    The idea is modeled after a bar I went to in Ohio including the sign, (one
    thing missing is not seeing my motorcycle parked out front:) That girl
    behind the bar could well be my very dear friend Betty who owned the bar
    along with her brother Gypsy. Up at the end of the bar on the right is one
    barstool where the counter turns to the back wall and that is where I would
    sit and talk to Betty when she was not serving drinks.

    Don't remember the first time I went there but the second time the place was
    packed and I was standing behind the crowded row of seats and Betty leaned
    over the bar toward me and said I should sit up at the end of the bar. I
    walked up there and a guy got up and moved from that end seat as soon as I
    did. That was the start of a long and close friendship.

    For over ten years I would stop and see Betty, sometimes steadily, sometimes
    very infrequently. But even if I were gone for six months that seat would
    still be there for me when I returned. Urban renewal finally took the
    building and that was the end for Betty. Time,.. changes like the
    renewal,... and living in the moment had taken a serious toll on her
    physically and emotionally.

    It was a very happy place though. I sure miss her.


    Pete D Guest

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    Bob W, thanks!
    Pete, I'll be right over.

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Bob, the light beams come from "Magical Lighting". Got it for free from a colleague in the UK who bought it and didnot know what to do with it......
    Else I would have bought it myself; such a wonderful piece of software is worth every penny.

    AFAIK Jodi has it too. ;-)

    Leen Koper Guest

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    Thanks. That is what I like about this Challenge. It gives you the opportunity to try new things.

    Connie H
    Connie Harrington Guest

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    No I didn't do the horse. That is a mural on the side of the building in a little town on the California coast.

    Connie H
    Connie Harrington Guest

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    You are so observant! Yourinterpretation of my work was perfect!
    Your story was as interesting as the image.
    Marty Landolt Guest

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    Am I mistaken...wasn't it you who said the 'weary landcrab' would give a clue to your real name. If anyone came up with it I must have been dozing.
    Marty Landolt Guest

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    Thanks. What I used on my entry #2 is Filter > Render > Lighting Effects...and at the very bottom you'll see 'Texture Channel'. The 'Texture Channel', combined with a 'Spotlight' is what accentuated the stone, roof, etc. I don't recall the exact settings used. Just play around with the various, lighting types, channels, and height settings until you see what you like. I always look at the overall effect on the full size image, it's easier to see it on that than in the preview window.

    Barb (Barbara W.)
    imacgirl Guest

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    Hi all, sorry i haven't been around in a week or so...stuff...anyways, cool entries people ! Pete, miss ya, your entry is your best ! it...wish i were on that bar stool right now having a nice cold one ! Barb, thank you again for animating my weekend ! You're the pro ! Weary, I just love your image with the sheep. As I waited for the image to download it brought me to a thought of weirwolves ( sp?) and then I saw it....the victim waiting to be made the perfect story. Ok, i guess I'm a sicko ;) Susan, LOVE the one with the dogs...color and sat is perfect ! Juergen your images are enlightening and inspiring. Chris, Thanks for throwing my name in there but you did it's got it ! swell stuff ! Connie, The horses are fab..well done ! Paul L. i really like the artisitic feel of all your images..very soothing. Robert work this week ...well, as always ;) Bob Warren...SOLD ! Yes, that is sooooo cool ! I love that...great work ! Oh gosh there are so many great ones this, hmmmm, Patty !...the pups are soooo adorable...great image,,,both ! Leen, ah ! Fabuloso !
    Marilyn, your work is stunning ! Oh geeze, please forgive me if i did not mention your name...I can't keep much greatness surrounds me !
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Good to see you back. It is too quiet here without you.
    Richard Coencas Guest

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    Yes it is good to see you back. Hope you are well. missed ya.


    Pete D Guest

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    Pete, Richard,


    ....the thank you kind ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Thanks, but it was with a little help from you.

    Paul L UK Guest

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