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Challenge #28 - Adobe Photoshop Elements

Just a "wee" outage I'd say! Power came back on here in south Ottawa at about 5:15am, but may disappear again any time. We'll get caught up eventually! TTFN Kyle...

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Just a "wee" outage I'd say!

    Power came back on here in south Ottawa at about 5:15am, but may disappear again any time.

    We'll get caught up eventually!


    Kyle White Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Kyle White wrote:
    > Just a "wee" outage I'd say!
    > Power came back on here in south Ottawa at about 5:15am, but may disappear again any time.
    > We'll get caught up eventually!
    > TTFN
    > Kyle
    We got it back in my area (peterborough) at around midnightish,
    depending on where you live exactly. For some funny reason, different
    parts of the city got it at different times. This went so far as to
    include just certain *streets*! I mean, my street was in the dark, but
    two streets over there was light, and then beyond that there was nothing
    again. (but it was just the street lights - no houses)

    Interestingly, we've had no other outages. We do have our own
    generators, so I've wondered if they had gotten them up and running just
    to add to the system, but I doubt it (but you never know). Peterborough
    used to supply a fair amount of energy some years back. In fact, IIRC,
    it had it's own separate grid and supplied all of it's own juice (but
    the city was much smaller at the time and you didn't have air
    conditioners in every house). Anyway, gotta find local news to find out
    what they did.

    They keep saying in the news that people will remember where they were
    when the lights went out. Me: swimming down a river. I had no idea
    what was going on in the world around me, at all. My husband was in a
    boat (he doesn't like to swim), equally ignorant. It was so peaceful.
    I think I will remember where I was when the lights went back *on*:
    Sitting at home listening to the radio, laughing at the ridiculous
    theories people were coming up with to explain what happened (the best
    was an EMP bomb).

    Vicky Bilaniuk Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Grant Dixon wrote:
    > The posting of Challenge #28 will be slightly delayed due to a small power
    > outage. I will get it up after work tonight .... sorry!
    Yes, just a small glitch in the system. ;-) Only a couple of hours,
    they said... So what was it for you? For us, it was about 8 hours.

    Beautiful night sky, as I mentioned in another post. It was such an
    excellent opportunity to go out and take pics of stars (although the
    stupid moon was out and mucking things up).

    Vicky Bilaniuk Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Vicky, to this day, the most fabulous night sky i have ever seen in my life was the view from the northern California heights. More white than black ! Was working/sleeping outdours in a logging camp at the time and was amazed each and every night....along with the sounds of a screeching cougar ( mountain lion )every now and then. I can totally understand your excitement to finally get a glimpse of what some people take for granted. I've always been one to take comfort in the beauty above....more than you know. ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Well power was off for 5 hour 58 minutes here and I went to work ... all
    was well. Got home and got hit by a rolling black out not sure how long
    that had been going on but ... In any event the challenge is up and I
    suspect we will have some surprises but to heck with that mean ol' power
    grid it is our time to fight back with lots of images for the challenge.

    So with all that being said I would like to present one of Barbara Wayne's
    images as the 28th Challenge.

    * Important notice to all the new people in this forum. This is not a
    close shop you are all invited to submit an image. If you don't think you
    are good enough this is your first mistake, I think most have found that
    working on the Challenge has improved their personal level. So young and
    old, hot shots and cool dudes now is you time to post.

    Yes and just for laughs I will add this : Present and Past Challenges will
    remain Until tomorrow at 7:00 pm the then
    the Present will be Past and new images will be posted.


    Home Pages [url][/url]

    Challenge Pages: [url][/url]

    ************************************************** *******

    Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while
    discouragement often nips it in the bud. Any of us will put out more and
    better ideas if our efforts are appreciated.

    Alexander Osborn (1888 - 1966)

    ************************************************** *******

    Grant Dixon Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    I'm hoping to participate in this week's challenge. Last Saturday afternoon, my fiance, age 45, had a heart attack. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday but I haven't been able to find a single brain cell left unfrazzled.

    Maybe I can find a few laying about the house this weekend........
    JoAnn Amerson Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Joann, all the best to him for a complete and rapid recovery....

    Maybe working on the Challenge will provide a good stress release for you.


    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28


    Oh my ... I do hope your fiancé is doing well and all will be back to
    normal in a very short time.


    Grant Dixon Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28


    My best wishes for your fiance's speedy recovery!

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    > JoAnn,
    > My best wishes for your fiance's speedy recovery!
    > Juergen
    And mine also JoAnn.


    Pete D Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Jodi, when I was a kid, I used to go outside at night just to stare
    upward. We lived in the country and always had an excellent view. It
    really felt like home last night.

    Vicky Bilaniuk Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Terry, yes it's very nice here in the summer. We live right beside the
    c (actually only one but the river runs parallel to it - we are
    smack in the middle, between the two). You must have stayed at the
    Holiday Inn, which is right along side the river. The river is pretty
    narrow there and looks much like a c. We live very close to that.

    Vicky Bilaniuk Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Well, it seems to be working :smile: ! Looks pretty good from here.

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Hi Juergen,

    The "Reading Lady" statue is out in front of a library in Dallas, an appropriate location. It's my favorite place for books on Elements, surprising how many they have there. All I know, her name is "Marsala" and was donated by a local merchant. I'd love to be able to give credit to the sculptor but they were unable to provide me with their name.

    The setting you placed her in suits her well. Where was that shot taken?

    imacgirl Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28


    Thanks. We enjoyed just walking around there, sitting in the shade for a while and smelling the roses.

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Marilyn, I was trying to do some colorizing also, but I couldn't get the eyes right as you have done. Really excellent rendition!


    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Looks like a lot of great submissions again this week.

    BARBARA W: Liked the way you molded the statue's dress in your #1 to blend with the frame (did you use liquify or ...?) -- the lighting and the rose are great, too. Is that a contact sheet as the background for your #2?

    CHRIS R: The idea of using the silouette of the statue to 'see' the brick wall in color (your #2) is something I haven't seen before. Neat!

    CONNIE H: I liked the way you used color to tie the multiple statues and the background all together.

    IRENE K: The leaves fit right in to the picture (your #2) -- any hints on how you selected them so nicely?

    JODI F: I like the idea of the window in the brick wall (your #1) -- it looks like it was meant to be there. As usual, your use of light is great.

    JUERGEN D: Loved the garden setting -- did you flip the background horizontally to position the statue?.

    MARILYN LEE: I like what you did with the statue's hair -- how did you transform it so nicely?

    NANCY S: So, are we psychically linked?

    RAYMOND R: I really like the night scene in #4 -- nice moon and aurora and some neat effects in the reflections -- care to tell us how you achieved that ragged edge look?

    WEARY (AB): Nice transformation of the statue into a 'real' person -- were you visiting Hogwarts (your #1)?

    WENDY W: I like the glow around the statue shaped hole in the bricks -- and the bookshelves revealed behind them (your #1) How did you get the orchids to conform so well to the statue's head in your #2?
    Bob E. Warren Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28


    No, I didn't. The hotel sign in the background is apparently meant to only be read from the other side.

    JuergenDirrigl Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Bob, sure! I have added noise to the black sea, then use the motion blur. After that, ran the Zig
    Zag filter, given a sens of motion (waves), this time, on the reflection and the sea together.

    The moon is what I shot at the last eclipse. The aurora is a brush I made myself for that occasion.

    This recipe serves four guests and have less than 0.1% fat :)


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #28

    Good job everyone!

    Jody: Awesome job on <>

    Weary: Same complement on <>
    Linda King Guest

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