Hello Emeril,
by where your eye looks thru the view finder ? How does that work for you ? If I'm correct that also
has more focus points, 11 as opposed to 7 in mine.

The only difference between and Elan 7 and Elan 7e is that mine has the ability to read my eye and
see where to focus from it. To be honnest, it doesn't work that much, takes several resampling to
get it to work decently, and for some reason, when not used for a long time, it needs to be re-done.
It's turned off on my camera. We got the 7e because the 7 wasn't in stock. There's nothing else
different, not more focusing points (7), 35 evaluative meter zone, etc.

I started several years ago with a Rebel G, then added some lenses. After that, I got an Elan 7e as
a gift. Added another lense there. Then moved to the 10D (still haven't added any lense..!). I
got my eyes on a 28-135 IS USM... still a little over my budget.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Elan, it's a fine camera!