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Challenge #36 - Adobe Photoshop Elements

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    I was once in the same position as you are : choosing who's leaving and who's staying. I couldn't
    decide. Then I did. I put my name on the list and I quit ;-) (ok, there was also a big incentive,
    the job was 75 minutes away from home, driving time, one way trip)...

    Then I realized I wasn't made to be a boss. Sure, I can lead a team, but I can't do the dirty work.

    Very, very nice picture, btw!


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    I don't know if I should email you personally, or what, but it seems like you have your hands full.

    I am still having problems downloading the challenge pictures. When I choose the JPEG, it shows that it is downloading, but I'll be darned if I can find it anywhere on my harddrive.

    When I right click to save file, the file is unreadable in PSE2.

    What am I doing wrong? So sorry to take up anyone's time with my stupidity.

    But, thanks,

    Lorace Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    What browser and platform are you using?

    Vicky Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Lorace - until someone comes along with the answer . . . why not try search and find. Steps to download:
    1. on challenge page click on the words 'large JPEG'
    2. when your browser window opens up with the large image, left mouse click over the image and from the pop-up menu pick 'save picture as' or 'save target as' (depending on what browser you are using.
    3. a pop-up window allows you to pick where to save your picture. For example. Internet explorer pop-up window may be 'My pictures' and you click 'save' button and when you look for the 'my pictures' folder in the 'My doents' folder - you will find the file '36challengelarge'.
    If you still can't find the picture - try search and find. Go to START and SEARCH and look for file called 36challengelarge

    beth Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Vicky, Sorry I forgot to say that I'm using Windows XP HE, and my browser is IE 5.5.

    Thanks, and Beth, thank you. At least I know what to look for and what name. I had chosen to download and chosen the folder, but the JPEG was unreadable. However, I used a right/click rather than the left/click that you mentioned.

    Appreciate your replies.


    I need Coffee!!! lol Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    If you still have trouble send me your email and I will send the present
    challenge along to you.

    Grant Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    If you have both your browser and Elements open you should be able to drag
    the file into the Elements workspace (left-click on the image and hold and
    drag). You need to reduce the window of IE, so it fills only part of the
    screen with Elements 'behind' it.

    Juergen Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Thanks, Juergen. I'll try that.

    I did go ahead and print the image, figuring that I would scan it into the program.

    But I'll try the dragging.

    I wonder if my problem might be because I'm accessing the Forum through AOL, rather than thru my IE. I'll keep trying!


    Lorace Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    Good point! To add to your suggestion if you have an Element short cut on
    you computer you just have to drag the image to the icon and it will open
    Elements with the image in it.

    Grant Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Sorry Lorace, didn't mean to confuse the issue. I said: left mouse click over the image and from the pop-up menu pick 'save picture as' or 'save target as' And I meant to say: right mouse click over the image


    beth Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    Thanks for pointing that out. That one I had not even thought about.
    I also wonder if being in AOL makes a difference.

    Juergen Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    The Challenge is now up and running.

    Grant Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    I'm so sorry to be taking up so much space with my problem. I am now on IE5.5 and have the same problem.

    I tried pulling the image into my shortcut (great idea) and Elements opened with this message:

    Could not open "c://(location listed))
    Files/content.IE5/ZZect 36challengeThumb[1}.jpg" because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found.

    So, I think I will go ahead and scan the image. From then on, what I do, I don't know. LOL

    Thanks to everyone
    Lorace Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Lorace and others - I use AOL and a 56K modem, and I know Lorace's frustration with problems getting the Challenge pictures opened in Elements. The problems fortunately, at least for me, vary from one Challenge to another. Sometimes I don't have a problem; other times, I do. I don't always get the same error messages when trying to open the file in Elements. And sometimes I get hideous pictures that look like terrible paint-by-number kits.

    I usually do my browsing from within AOL because the pictures appear on screen much, much faster than when I minimize AOL and switch to IE5.5. (AOL s out some of the pixels, I think, to create the faster viewing.)

    I tried the "drag" method tonight from both AOL and from IE5.5 because I had never used that method to download files. Neither AOL nor IE5.5 gave me the option to drag with either the right or left mouse button.

    In both browsers, the right-click requires that I select "Save Picture As," and both default to the My Pictures folder (where I switch to my Challenge location before saving). BUT, although the downloaded picture is listed as "36ChallengeLarge.jpg" on the title bar, the download dialog box (for both AOL and IE5.5) defaults to "Untitled" and the only file type normally available is Bitmap (*.bmp). (On a rare occasion, I get something like ARP--don't quote me on that abbreviation--as the default, and I switch to BMP. Since I have to provide my own name for the download, searching for the actual name of the file would never locate the file on my computer since I use a different name, nor would searching for *.jpg have any positive results since I would have to search under *.bmp.

    I was successful in downloading the Challenge36 file from AOL and opening it in PSE1. However, when I tried downloading it from IE5.5, it would not open in Elements. I got the error message (not unusual for me): "Could not open filename.bmp because the file-format module cannot p the file." I know that I've gotten the "JPEG marker" error message in the past, also.

    This is how I've gotten around this problem when neither AOL nor IE5.5 gave me a file I could open in PSE1: I double-click the downloaded file in My Computer or MS Explorer so that it opens in the Windows Paint program. From there, I select Save As. Then I choose the following from the File Type list - "JPEG File Interchange Format (*jpg *jpeg)." From Photoshop Elements, I then open the newly created JPG file. So far, Elements has always been able to open this new file.

    I do, however, then have to resize the JPG file; otherwise, I would have a thumbnail-sized picture to work on. The download from AOL for the crow picture was 923KB in 72 resolution and was sized at 7.278 x 8.347 inches. The download from IE5.5, however, was 616KB (don't know the resolution since I couldn't open it in PSE1). The JPG file that I created from the IE5.5 download was only 67KB but in 300 resolution and only something like 1x2 inches. So, I use Image > Resize to push the picture up to 6 inches or so. Because of the 300 resolution, it seems to handle the huge increase in size. The resultant file is then over 1MB.

    I never quite understand PSE's inability to open the files, since all other programs that display pictures (Paint, Windows, and MSWord) has no problem whatsoever using the files that generate the error messages from Elements. Indeed, Elements itself has no problem generating a thumbnail in the Open dialog box from the original BMP picture that it can't subsequently open.

    So, Lorace, I have my fingers crossed that you can find a solution to your download problems. If not, and you don't mind sharing your email address, we can email you the picture until you do find a successful method.

    Marilyn Lee Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    What a wonderful, comprehensive reply you've given. I believe that other file extension is .ART - which is easy to transform like the .bmp file is.

    I'm amazed that you can open the challenge picture in Paint. I didn't try that but couldn't get the Windows program to open it or to even show me a thumbnail.

    But a wonderful thing has happened. You mentioned emailing it, and I realized that was one of the choices on the Challenge page, and I just emailed it to myself, added the .jpg extension to the file and I have a marvelous copy.

    So thank you so much,

    Here's for happy challenges.


    (glad to get the heads up on the AOL browser, too) Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    For the AOL downloading problem...have you tried disabling the Image compression in AOL? I had some students using AOL in my on line classes having problems with images they needed to download for some of their lessons. The problem went away once they disabled this *extra* compression that AOL uses.

    Start AOL and connect as usual. Once connected, click on the button that says "My AOL", select "Preferences" from the list provided. Select the WWW button. Select the Internet Properties tab and under here, uncheck the box beside "Use compressed graphics." Exit and reopen AOL for the change to take affect.

    You may also need to delete cached files so that your browser will load the images anew and not the old/stored compressed images.

    If you do a search on Google for "image compression AOL" you will get a LONG list of sites that recommend you turn this off to view images as intended.

    If this does not help you can always go back and check the box again!

    Patti Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36


    Have you tried the following? It is what I do.
    Below the picture of the challenge you will find the downloadable ones. Mostly a small and a large JPEG.
    Click on one of these to open that file, then wait untill the image has build up on your screen. Put your cursor on the image and wait a few seconds. You will then see appear a few icons implying you could "print", "save" and two more options regarding this picture. I then quickly move the cursor to the "save" icon and click it. I believe I right click it. That then saves the image in an elements folder. Mostly the one you had open last.
    Works for me all the time.
    Hope I could be of some help.

    Robert Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Lorace, Marilyn,

    Now that the .bmp files get mentioned, I remember having a similar problem
    some time ago. All I could download was a file named 'untitled.bmp' of
    rather large size. I got this advice from Paul L UK:
    all offline content) and history. Also check in settings that it is set to
    check for new versions every visit to the page.

    This cleared it up and I have never had that problem again. I am running XP

    Juergen Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #36

    Sorry for the delay in posting. This demobilization is taking longer than I
    hoped for but not longer than I expected. I am now working 14 -16 hour days.
    I have to be done by Monday as I start for another company on Tuesday or so
    I hope. The week off I wanted will not happen. But in the mean time I will
    keep the challenge going and hopefully not to late.


    P.S. sorry to disappoint anyone I was not censoring your images. ;-) Guest

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