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Challenge #40 - Adobe Photoshop Elements

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    Default Challenge #40

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Now if Jodi can turn *that* into something adorable, then she is a true genius.

    And Bob will have a field day with this. Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    That is odd. (I don't mean the sculpture), ... The "larger" jpeg will not
    drag and drop into Elements nor will it save as a jpeg, bmp only. The
    medium works OK and can be dragged and dropped or saved as jpg.

    Pete Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Pete, you're right. The larger image is a .bmp and doesn't want to be
    dragged. Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Interestingly, it opens in RGB color mode (not Bitmap) in Elements, so no is
    conversion necessary until you save it. Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Hey, I downloaded it and it's a JPEG, RGB, 332x400 px. What are you guys seeing? Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Bert, the larger version (909x682 or thereabouts) came through on Win XP as
    a 1.8 MB bitmap image...

    Chuck Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40


    Like Bert, I downloaded the large image and it came through as JPG at
    909x682. I'm also using Win XP. Maybe Grant fixed it.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    This is a fabulous statue. I never dreamed he wasn't real!

    We're getting culturized here!

    7 feet tall! My gosh, what an artist.

    Lorace Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40


    With XP, I noticed the same deal. Trying to download the larger image, when I did my usual "Save Picture As", it was reported to be a bitmap. The only way I could get a jpg readout was to right click the link and do a "Save Target As". Weird.

    Nanny Goat Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Nanny Goat,

    That too is also because the 'save target as' option is not available for me
    on the large jpeg. Maybe Grant will shed some light on this. (but it is
    just curiosity because the medium one works like normal)

    Pete Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    I have no idea why all the problems with the large image. It was first
    posted as it arrived. Since then I have resaved using Elements save for web
    100%it and reposted it.

    g. Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    The large file stills appears to be a bitmap file when first opened (Win
    XP). Clicking on 'Refresh' changes it to JPG (106KB 909 x 682). The medium
    file downloads as JPG at 111KB, 800 x 600.

    Juergen Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Well, I'll be darned. Grant, whatever you did, it worked for me for the first time, ever.

    I right-clicked on the Medium JPG, save as, and my only choices (in XP) were .Art & .BMP. I chose .bmp, but when I checked the file, it had been saved as a .JPG and is readable.

    This is the first time I've had success in downloading a Challenge, so thanks.


    Lorace Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Removed by Administrator Guest
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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    The two submitted under Scot Foster should be Terri Foster. We use my husband's name in the e-mail address. He would probably be shocked to see what he'd been credited with doing. HA HA. By the way, they were all good but I REALLY liked the one by Marylin Lee (in the purple tutu)!

    Terri Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    What a creative bunch we are! Jodi, your bathtub pic (actually it was that simple little phrase you added) got me so tickled the spouse came to see what I was laughing about!

    My first thought was to put that guy in a straight jacket and behind bars -- it looks like some other folks had the same idea! I ended up putting him in a rock wall. :)

    Patti Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    (I love it when Bob W(?) goes through with his summary, so if you don't mind, I'll do the same--I can't seem to just pick one or two) :-) Please forgive my ramblings--I am just typing what comes to mind when I see the images.

    Ben T: Great job. Pencil behind the ear made it for me. :-)
    Bert B: Beautiful. Very melancholy. Reminds me of a NiN vid.
    Bob W: Lol. Rub a dub dub. Good job.; Portrait--very stoic; very 'David', and that last one made me smile--Buddha is back!
    Byron G: Nice! The side-by-side-good thinking!
    Chris R: Ohh, very deep. I like. Ever see Se7en(Seven)? That's what I imagine the man in a certain kitchen table scene was like before his demise. Interesting.
    James H: Neat f/x. Very zen and transcendent(?).
    Jodi F: Devil/Duo very kool. I like that one!; Dove Reflection is just....beautiful! I don't just like this one--I love it! Very ethreal. The butterfly guy is neat. I like the face and setting.
    Juergen: Lol! That says it all.
    Lorace G: The Cracken? Good job.
    Marilyn L: Nice job. The paint drippings are very kool. :-); Ballerina, made me laugh!
    Marty L: Haha. Good caption to go with his expression.
    Nancy S: Very nice use of shadow to depict setting. :-)
    Patti A: Oh, I like this one. Very surreal.
    Ralph W: Good job. That face is cool.; Your series pans like a movie. wtg!
    Robert J: Cool. Reminds me of a King; Blue Man Sculpture--neato.
    Robin B: That is so cool. Nice use of perspective. :-)
    Terri F: Nice use of symbolism. Very nice touch; Cheshire Cat? Kool.
    Wally A: Super Nova. Nice job!

    I apologize for my overuse of 'cool', 'nice' etc.. Not enough coffee to think. Lol.

    Great job all!

    Beep Beep,
    Darby :-) Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    Terri Foster - I'm so pleased that you liked my "ballerina." I had fun with that one. And I especially liked your hourglass entry; very nice shadows and composition.

    Darby Stone - Appreciated your comments. I was hoping to portray a "Contemplation of Loss of Youth" in my first entry. Don't know if I accomplished this, but the simplicity of this Challenge picture certainly provided lots of opportunities for using our imaginations. Look forward to seeing your entries.

    Marilyn Guest

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    Default Re: Challenge #40

    <com> wrote in message
    mind, I'll do the same--I can't seem to just pick one or two) :-) Please
    forgive my ramblings--I am just typing what comes to mind when I see the

    Wonderful stuff from everyone. My first attempt, right off the bat. It gives
    me an excuse to skill up on Photoshop, and look at some of the amazing
    imagination you people have. Guest

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