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>>i was wondering if there is a way to fix this little
>>i am using xp pro( if that makes any difference) and am
>>having users logon through the classic login prompt.
>>i set up the machine i made an admin account named
>>now every time the machine is powered on this is the
>>that appears in the user name box, and the user of the
>>machine has to type in their user name and password
>>so how do i change the name that comes up by default...i
>>know this sounds petty, but i was asked and i did not
>>know, so i thought i would ask.......
>>thanks for the help
>In the local security policy, you can tell it to not
display last
>logged on name. That will eliminate the problem.
but i would like it to display the same user name over and
over.....just not the one that is being displayed........