I have a site that uses a dreamweaver template. The client will use contribute
to update the site themselves.
The template has a image section where when the thumbnail is cliked, a
javascript swapimage makes the main photo area changes to show the larger
image of the thumbnail. simple.
my question is, when the client changes the thumbnail image, can he/she edit
the link so that it successfully shows the larger version in that main photo
area ? cos when i tried to edit the link in contribute, i can only see the link
as "#". javascript does the rest. but i guess ultimately i want the client to
be able to change the link path so the main image area knows what the name of
the new thumbnail is, so it can find the big photo that corresponds to it, and
display it.

Is there a way of being able to edit that javascript link in contribute ?

or is there a better way to do this ?

thanks very much for any help.

- james