Hi.. I hope someone can help me. I manage server web (IIS, Windows 2003)
servers at a university. One college bought Contribute 3 for their staff to
edit their site on the advice of an outside contractor. The outside contractor
does major changes and template changes. The college staff only does minor

I moved the web site from a windows 2000, IIS 5 server to a new server using
xcopy. The staff on campus continued to make changes using Contribute and ftp
and their changes are all displayed on the web.

The outside contractor uses dreamweaver and makes changes. If there are only
page changes it works fine.

If they make template changes then some changes go thru fine and on other
pages the page will revert back to a much older version of the page.

Should something have been done in contribute administartion/configuration
after the site was moved to a new server (Using xcopy I transferred all hidden
files and file permissions etc.)?

What could be causing this problem?