I have been using PE-2 for several month. Mainly to scan and
"correct" old pictures of mine.

As a previosu user of Corel Draw and Paint, and MS- DRAW-2.0, I mus
say that PE-2 albit being powerfull, is not intuitive and at timjes
less than "friendly".

Case in point is the "CHANGE COLOR" option. I still can't
consistently get the logic about it... Have been able to do that, but
always have problems repeating the prosess....!!

Could someone (PLEASE... !!) take me step by step, through the

Example - I scanned a Logo. Want to change all solid yellow (one tone
of Yellow) areas into - say Blue.

Or another exaplme - Scanned a "Gray" Logo and want to change all
tones of certain araes of gray into tones of - say Red.

Will appreciate any help. Interestingly the book I bought (which is
good) presents very little about changing colors. Nothing that could
help me...