Is it possible to change the button text color on a mouseover event?

I initialize the button text color like this:


I skinned the button:

cbtButton.falseUpSkin = "ButtonSkin";
cbtButton.falseDownSkin = "ButtonSkin";
cbtButton.falseOverSkin = "ButtonSkinOver";
cbtButton.falseDisabledSkin = "ButtonSkin";
cbtButton.trueUpSkin = "ButtonSkin";
cbtButton.trueDownSkin = "ButtonSkin";
cbtButton.trueOverSkin = "ButtonSkinOver";
cbtButton.trueDisabledSkin = "ButtonSkin";

The Button Over Skin background color is black, causing the button text to be
invisible. I want to change the button text color to black on the button's
mouseOver event, something like:

oListener:Object = new Object();
oListener.mouseOver = function(oEvent:Object):Void {

Is this possible?