The configuration of MX7 I installed is using Sun Java.
Datasources are verifying in the Administrator but application pages cannot
access the database to run queries.

The example applications ARE able to run queries to the MSAccess DSN that they

Everything was fine when I was running MX6.1 - when I did a side-by-side
install of MX 7 it damaged the ODBC DSNs. When I went to re-create them the
system said the names were in use (even though their names were not visible in
the list of DSN names).

this is so aggravating that a simple installation of MX7 has ed my system
and cost me 2 days of hassle - any tips or links to helpful pages are greatly

also I've NEVER been able to set up a DSN using the SQL Server JDBC driver -
it's installed (v. 2.2.0022) - are there any useful step-by-step instructions?